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5 Star Customer Review - Mt. Laurel

We had a Sprinkler Pipe break at our Adult Community center and SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel, sent a crew out to clean everything up.  We really appreciate all that you guys did for us. Your staff is terrific.  We will recommend you to anyone who needs help after any event.  For anyone who is reading this, please know that SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel has an amazing staff that showed me that they truly care about me and my property. They turned a rather bad situation into a much more tolerable event.  They took the time to answer all of my questions and they dealt directly with my insurance company.  Thank you, SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel

- Rita A.

Triple Filter

When other places may use two filters or maybe even just one. SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown uses a three stage filtration system in our Air Scrubber. The Air Scrubber is a machine that is placed in home that pulls out airborne particles, the air goes through the three filters to make sure that there is as little contaminates as possible going into homes that have suffered from fire or water damage.  


SERVPRO® Orange is a general purpose cleaner/degreaser specially formulated to assist in general purpose cleaning. SERVPRO® Orange contains a natural solvent that is extracted from the peels of the orange which is how it gets its wonderful fragrance. SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown uses this for general cleaning. This product is safe for use around people, pets, and plants.

5 Star Customer Review

Everyone here was amazing! They where careful in restoring my property. They where quick, efficient, and ultimately caring. They did not make it seem as if it was my fault the property was damage and the price was right within budget!

- Nicholis S.

AirMax Air Mover

Air movers are used for drying areas out after water damage. It gives out even, directed airflow for maximum drying and can be positioned in 3 directions for max air flow- horizontal, vertical, and side. It can be used to dry walls and carpets.

Lemon-Berry Deodorizer

Lemon-Berry Deodorizer is used to eliminate various offensive odors including smoke odor caused by fires.  Lemon-Berry can be used on carpets and upholstery, laundry, and pre-sealer. SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown mostly uses it for carpets after a fire or mold remediation.